Hola! I am Cris, also known as @cmourelo, an emotional biographer and brutally soft human from the late 90's. Born and raised in Barcelona. 

Ever since I can remember I can define myself as a cooperative and harmony promoter feeling curious about new paths.

I grew up as an altruistic soul digging for intense emotions & exploring new feelings and ideas. And with a start-up mindset and excitement I always aim to give the best version of myself.


I agree with "listening & being listened is almost a magical way to heal" 

and I am fascinated by all the things done with the   

I extremely enjoy projects where passion is involved from start to finish!


About the academic stuff:

Fashion Marketing & Communication graduate with Honors (2:1) from the University of Westminster. I am currently improving my practice as an art director in the MA Design for Art Direction at the London College of Communication, UAL.


I am utterly impelled to fashion and its art. I have a burning passion for Marketing & Communication strategies and (artistic) conceptual problem solving in fashion, beauty culture and lifestyle scenarios. 


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<< Saraos artísticos >>? 

We all need to express our creativity somehow so, exploring, learning and being aware of amazing things around us is perfect!


In the following tabs you'll find small pieces about me. Some of my passions, concerns or worries expressed in a creative way throughout my existence. My creative approach is playful. I am here to sweeten your life but I'm serious about my work :)

*I lean towards fashion & lifestyle but love to approach new ideas and diverse disciplines.



funny data:

I ate ants when I was little

I bleed tea

Orange aura

I wonder how white sharks can exist

-- aiming to inspire & be inspired...


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